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I need some self-care because I'm overwhelmed...

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

We made it to another Friday. Let me tell you, this month flew by and I feel like there’s a mountain of work on my desk still. Physically, there aren’t mountains of work on my desk but they are there.

How do we tackle the mountains of work in our own lives? Do we continue to let them rise and somewhat chip at them? Do we ignore them altogether? Or do we tackle them so we can feel a sense of relief? Whichever path you are on with your mountain in your life, know that everyone has one. Yours’s may be taller than someone else’s… but that doesn’t their pile isn’t less work or less hard. Reward yourself for how far you’ve come with whatever you are handling. Progress is still progress at the end of the day.

Now for some weekend recs!!!

Show/Movie: Love is great. Love is Kind… Love is Blind! That is the only show I’ve seen circulate on my social media feed and let me tell you: Twitter is giving it a 10/10. Love Is Blind is a dating reality show/social experiment of connecting people together. 30 people, ten days of speed dating… then marriage…? This wild concept of a show has everyone hooked but also brings it fair share of twist and turns.

Book: Disclaimer: most of my book recommendations will be from black authors because they are the reason I read.

Transparent moment: I picked up reading, again, about four years ago and never looked back. Growing up, my schools barely had books by black authors. Walter Dean Myers and Sharon G. Flake were authors I stuck to the most. The Bluford Series weren’t my forte until later. In my volunteer program, my community mates read… for fun… like wut?? You weren’t catching me with a book just because… because who has ‘just because’ time in this world?? (Well obviously I did but didn’t know it.)

My former roommate let me tag along to a bookstore with her and I felt lost in a sea of books. I never knew what to look for or what genre I was in to. When I asked the clerk for help, I was transparent as possible about my reading. They asked me what my interest were. At the time, social justice was (and still is) a realm I continued to explore. Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi Coates became the recommended read. That book opened my eyes to continue to work and serve in marginalized communities like my own, learn more about injustices against black men and women in this country… but also go beyond by own community and see who else is affected by instances in Coates book. This book eventually lead me to the Michael Eric Dysons, Angie Thomas’, and Brittney Cages of the world. That one book eventually led to me owning almost 100 books to date (some read, some half read, and some from my TBR.) Okay transparent moment over lol

I was hoping to recommend the book I’m reading currently but I can’t because I haven’t finished it! (If you’re wondering what it is, it’s Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson). The one I’m suggesting, I finished in a week and I need more content from this author ASAP! "The Mothers by Brit Bennett is a story about young love in a small community – and the things that ultimately haunt the most." This romance novel is not your typical romance book… at all. This book explores perspectives of a small community in Southern California, love between three people, and the quest for answers for young woman who grew up without her mother. (Trigger warning: suicide).

Brit Bennet’s next book comes out this June titled The Vanishing Half.

Podcast: Finally, my favorite podcaster is back for this season with Netflix! Strong Black Legends, hosted by former Another Round podcaster Tracy Clayton, interviews black legends in Hollywood and gives them their flowers while they’re here. From Jackee Harry, Leon, Omar Epps, Blair Underwood, to Kyla Pratt, this podcast has it all. When Strong Black Legends wraps it season, they flip to Strong Black Laughs and interview black comedians from Lunell to Bruce Bruce. Both podcast series are great and truly gives black talent a platform to see about their work, their dreams, and honor their contributions to Hollywood. You can stream through Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher.

This has been your JessRecs for the month. As my favorite podcast duo would say - drink your water… take your meds… call your person (whoever they may be.)

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